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21 De septiembre de 2018

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PM Orban flags big changes to Hungary's constitution
A detained man who shot his wife in Sanok. He was at the hotel
Poland says US ambassador nominee's words are not acceptable
@jensstoltenberg says DefMins will "boost readiness" by approving a plan to have a follow-on force of 30 land battalions/30 air squadrons/30 naval combattants that could be in place within 30 days if needed
Saber Strike officially kicked off yesterday. U.S. forces will be conducting various exercises with NATO Allies and partners in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland to further improve Allied interoperability
Czech PM Andre Babis says he rejects the idea of EU countries that refuse migrants paying compensation
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Hungarian PM Orbán produced a video message on Saturday supporting the efforts of Macedonia's main opposition party to block a solution to the long-standing name dispute with Greece. He praised its refusal to bend "under pressure from foreign powers".
NATO launches massive saber strike maneuvers in Poland and Baltic States
Patriot batteries deployed from Germany to Poland it will "demonstrate the alliance's determination and ability to act as one in response to any aggression."
[email protected] y Hungría FM Szijjarto discutieron la urgente necesidad de ayudar a Ucrania frente a la agresión rusa, la importancia de mantener una sociedad civil vibrante y la necesidad de diversificación energética durante su reunión de hoy @StateDept.
Lodzkie: The accident with an aircraft. Two people died
The Director of the Polish Institute of International Affairs, Sławomir Dębski, has been detained at the Domodedovo Airport in Moscow and denied entry to Russia. Polish consular services are at the site.
3 mes atrás
Kremlin: permanent U.S. military presence in Poland would harm European security
Cinco ex presidentes de Polonia y Ucrania han pedido la reconciliación entre sus países en medio de un creciente nacionalismo y provocaciones de Rusia.
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Hungarian Airforce Gripen TITAN01 tail 32 over Lake Balaton, Hungary 1134z
We are 29 democracies with sometimes different opinions. That is the nature of democracy. But NATO stands united around our core task: we protect and defend each other – @jensstoltenberg
Back in 2013, 3 NATO Allies spent at least 2% of GDP on defence. This year, we expect 8 Allies to spend 2% - @jensstoltenberg
It's a pleasure to be here - Warsaw is an historic place, also the host of our NATO summit in 2016, when we took important decisions to strengthen our deterrence and defence + to project stability and fight terrorism – @jensstoltenberg
@jensstoltenberg says NATO summit in July will consider a Readiness Initiative, to increase NATO's ability to reinforce its troops and deter any threat
@jensstoltenberg: even if we don't believe in a better relationship with Russia in the near future, at least we need to manage a difficult relationship. Because we need to avoid incidents and accidents
On taking the NATO - EU cooperation further: a stronger EU means a stronger NATO, but we need to make sure that there is no duplication - @jensstoltenberg
We are planning to sign a new declaration with @JunckerEU and @eucopresident in July to take NATO - EU cooperation further - @jensstoltenberg
Ensuring fair burden sharing within NATO: I welcome the fact that we're moving in the right direction - @jensstoltenberg
Last night an attempt was made to set fire to the house of Krzysztof Brejza, the Polish MP who uncovered large scale and long-lasting self-dealing among Polish Ministers of the nationalist Law and Justice government.
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Steve Bannon's lecture last night in Budapest Hungary
Steve Bannon's lecture last night in Budapest Hungary
3 mes atrás
El gobierno de Hungría redactó una nueva política de la OTAN sobre Ucrania "destinada a proteger a los húngaros étnicos" en la región ucraniana de Zakarpattia
Airborne from Poznan, Poland NATO E3 Sentry AWACS LX-N90459
4 mes atrás
MFA Russia Zakharova: We demand that those guilty be identified and the monument be restored to its former state. We insist that every possible measure be taken to protect our memorial sites in Poland
4 mes atrás
MFA Russia Zakharova: We regret to say once again that the Polish government's anti-Russia policy continues to bear bitter fruit
4 mes atrás
MFA Russia Zakharova: One more Soviet military memorial has been desecrated in Poland in an appalling act of vandalism. This time the vandals attacked the largest Soviet military cemetery in Warsaw
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